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Business Cards

Business cards are your branding, networking, and call to action, and a quality card could be the difference between seeing a rolodex or a trash bin. Let Allegra help your business card make it into the rolodex with a plethora of finishing touches that are sure to make your card stand out:

Duplex printing Rounded corners
High-gloss UV coating Foil stamping
Raised embossing Die cuts
Offset print color matching Uncommon shapes and sizes
Folding business cards Perforated business cards

Allegra’s Design Tips
Business cards should reflect you and your company’s personality while providing a customer or associate with essential information.

For a memorable and effective design, emphasize the important points, such as your preferred contact method, without compromising the design.

Edit, edit, edit! Don’t be afraid to get rid of the non-essential elements and redundancies.

We recommend downloading our Specification Sheet and relevant templates for your optimal print experience. Building your artwork to these specific guidelines will fast track the process and more safely ensure the quality of your product.

Specification Sheet

Extended Specifications Webpage

Business Card Template

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